About the crash problem of IF

It’s better to find out the cause and fix it. After all, it’s really bad to crash like this all the time. I’m afraid to fly now
(These are the records of my crash in version 22.8)

iPadpro 2021 iPadOS16.1,1

I think someone made an article about this

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To sum it up, they don’t know the cause and are trying to fix it. It’s happening on all devices tho, and not just yours :)


In addition to the topic that Astral777 linked above, its always nice to try to solve the issue on your end as well. As the causing of crashes might be different from every user. I would try the following methods

  • Restart your device before every flight.
  • Lower your graphics settings
  • Clear your Scenery cache in the IF settings
  • Make sure you have enough storage space on your device.
  • Free some space (Delete any unnecessary replays if needed)
  • Make sure your device and Infinte Flght are running the latest version.

Doing this might reduce the chances of crashing on your end while staff find a permanent solution to this issue.

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OK,thank you