About the Community Tutorials category

This is a sub-category of Ground School, its purpose is to provide a great learning resource for our community and to shape the future of our Official Tutorials and User Guide content.

If you have a good knowledge of the subject (including the Infinite Flight app and if applicable, real-world procedures), then post it here to share it with the community.

Only TL2 members and above can post in this category.

As well as our Guide to the Community, the following rules apply within this category when posting:

  • It must not be covered in our Official Tutorials and/or the User Guide (unless it covers the subject in more depth or looks at a very specific area, such as a particular aircraft type)
  • Media used must be public/non-copyright and include a link to the original source (charts that require a subscription such as Jeppesen cannot be used)
  • It must include at least one of the below tags
  • Airport guides must include the ICAO code in the title

The following tags can be used in this category:

Tag Name Purpose
aircraft-guide Used for all aircraft related tutorials
airport-guide Used for all airport related tutorials
atc-guide Used for all ATC related tutorials
misc Used for any tutorials that don’t fit into one of the other categories

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