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This category is for official blog posts from the Infinite Flight development team.

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Good to see a new category on the forum!

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New category, let’s go! Can’t wait to see what’s posted here.


Thanks guys, it will be nice to have all the blog posts in one category!

I’m assuming that update announcements and official teases will now be posted here instead of #announcements?


I’m not sure but in my mind I think that #announcements will be kept for aircraft updates, airport editing updates, etc… blog will just be for, well a blog about Infinite Flight, I’m not sure but if someone from the staff team could confirm?

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The normal post’s from the Blog is posted in #general

All of the blog posts that were in general have been moved to this category.


WOW this is so good.

I meant that the earlier was posted there, but I know the post’s is moved

Wow cool new category!

So would this mean the whole blog would be posted or just links to the blog on your website?

Nice to see a new category! It sort of clears up #announcements for other important things :)

The only thing that would make this app the best sim is if it had an interactive cockpit

The devs are beginning to do this on new and reworked aircraft. :)

Nice and cool

Nice! Good to have a blog

The blog design is great!

nice congrats