About the B787-8 Route database

Hey all most of you might have seen the B787-8 Route database a couple of things hope this doesn’t get removed or flagged everyone please know that it’s not easy getting all the routes and please know that it takes a lot of time to find these routes I make these so the IFC can help by adding some routes they would like to see so don’t get mad or anything that the post has nothing in it I am still trying to get routes


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I am unclear as to why you couldn’t do this before posting? I assume it might be because you want to be ‘famous’ per se, by having a well known thread, but it is better in my opinion to to this the right way, and add all the routes before posting. If you are worried someone else will get there before you, maybe try asking around on the forum. Thanks.

I am trying to get new routes for my route database also. Don’t worry about it. mine is the 717 route database.

No not because of that because some people would get mad that the Route database is not finished I wouldn’t make posts just to be famous

You could’ve added this to the existing post you know…

I don’t understand why someone would want to make a route database with no routes is all I am saying.

I’m confused as to why you didnt add any routes to begin with? I get that it takes time, but the 787 is not that obscure to the point it takes ages of research to find a decent set of routes. Quality threads take time and effort to make and polish, so absolutely take your time to do so.


It is no issue that the 787-8 route database didn’t have any routes, to begin with! The community is here to help supplement items. I have picked up so many awesome routes to fly from these databases and genuinely enjoy seeing all of the helping community members that post some really unique routes in these databases. I found it insightful that @ran immediately helped out the original poster by coming up with some really unique routes (might have to try one or two of those.) Helping each other is what we are here for, not to make people discouraged from what they posted. Keep up the work, I look forward to your further process on the database. Just keep in mind next time maybe find one route for every airline or something to get the ball rolling, we are all here to learn!

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