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I have a question about the ATC I would like to know why the ATC of the airports do not remain active, because every time I make a trip and in the course of the flight the ATC is not available and it is a very unpleasant thing that the frequencies are deactivated, I want a help thank you very much.


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ATC (specifically IFATC) is a group of individuals who volunteer their time to control airports across the globe in IF. Because they’re volunteers, and may open whenever they please, wherever they please, you may encounter one closing on you. However, if you catch them early, you may just get ATC for the full duration you’re under their radar. :)


Hello! ATC are human being like you and me. We have lives and cannot be controlling 24/7. For the best chance of having ATC, fly into an airport featured in the schedule.


Yea I would say if you want a busy airport with ATC. You should either look on the April schedule which is this month or participate in an event.

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When it comes to the training server, your best shot is to go to the larger airports as they are mostly staffed during the entire day.

When it comes to the expert server I’d recommend looking at the Schedule for the month. There you’ll find all the featured airports for all the days in that month. Looking at that, you can plan a flight and most of the time you’ll be greeted with ATC coverage. Since these airports are featured for that day they’ll be staffed 9/10. Especially the larger airports of that day.

Anyhow, ATC controllers still remain humans as other people said, they can open and close whenever they want to. Hopefully you’ll get some better luck next time ;)

I can’t control EGLL / KLAX the whole day 😵‍💫


It’s very unrealistic to expect ATC to remain open all day, imo. Controllers can’t just spend all day on their devices; they have other things to do. You should always anticipate ATC to close by the time you get there, and I’d recommend not always going to places that have ATC btw.

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‘d looooooove to have IFATC as a (paid) job 😂


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