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I am curious. Do advanced ATC’s have the power to set weather conditions on the advanced server? Because I have a sneaking suspicion that in the Southern California region earlier today, the conditions were set just beyond the threshold of the autoland function (30+ gusts and a few other tweaks that rendered small craft and the fabulous bbj totally useless). I suspect there must have been some kind of running joke as to how many planes those guys could crash with out culpability. Ha ha, very funny. Just what was the count in the end by the way? The ATIS info. is what gave it away: “blah, blah, blah, good info. then ‘…and ask for touch and go’s for a challenge…’”

…that and the fact I was one of the unsuspecting victims… ;(


This was a special event where the weather was custom set-up to a gale (Advanced Server)
Sooo, the weather was horrible and artificial

Horrible - is about right! Artificial, is exactly why I made my post.

New here guys and want to fly using atc. I’ve heard most pilots use Zello for atc. Is there a practice channel for first time atc users or do we just dive in the deep end and work thru mistakes.


What do you mean? You use IF for atc, you need live and to be on the training or advanced server, and press the little headset button in the bottom left corner