About the Air France livery on the B77W

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Looking closer at the Air France livery on the B77W on the trailer revealed by Infinite Flight I noticed that the blue seems to be a little too light, in reality it is much darker…

In Infinite Flight :

In reality :


Afterwards it may be just an illusion but I don’t think so, what do you think?


It could be how the sun reflects on that part of the aircraft (so the timing and angle of the image) but it seems to be a bit light as you pointed out. It’s a work in progress so they’ll make corrections and modifications to make sure it’s up to their standards and accurate.

It’s certainly possible, but I also just noticed that the Air France livery on the B772 and also a little too light already

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Most likely that photo linked is edited. That’s why you ae seeing it darker. I still couldnbe wrong.

No, @Johanes is correct. The IF livery does seem to be a lot lighter than the IRL Air France livery. IRL it is very dark


Thank God I’m not crazy lol, I was thinking if I was the only one to have seen the mistake 😂 @Rhys_V


I also noticed something on the Air France B77W.

On this photo here.

The R in Air France is a little to far back. It should be past the door.

Here’s a photo of the Air France B77W in real life.


The blue could’ve been left lighter on purpose for reasons such as copyright issues.


Good point! I had never even seen

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All liverys were like this after a hotfix, check this out

This may be for copyright? But i do see your point… good spot!

The only thing to do is to wait for the moment ! :)

I honestly doubt that the color Pantone alone would make IF safe from any copyright lawsuit from Air France.
The AF logo is obviously as close as possible looking like the RL AF logo so the use of the AF logo is more than obvious. And I don’t see how a simple lighter Pantone would deviate the purpose of the AF logo used in IF.

Either it is a specific requirement from AF group themselves, or it’s a specific unrelated choice from IF or it’s just as close as they can get it to be.

But I could be wrong. I don’t have the actual answer and would be interested to know.

The blue used by AF is actually the blue used by the French Navy. Indeed it’s much darker.
Thanks for pointing that out

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