About The A350

The A350 we all know it correct? Well since infinite flight might come out with it but,wait, let’s go back to the tbm when it came out everybody was like (Thanks etc) so now tell me (how much people actually use it)

Now, for the A350 I feel like people will say the same then it will be the same as the tbm so my question is ( if if makes the plane it better be used) because they strive to put all effort in and if you don’t put yourself in there shoes when you have to make it

I use the TBM. It’s got nice power and range with a GA feel, and it’s the most recent non-jet update. About to fly it now!

I’ve seen people flying the tbm in all of my recent sessions. Whenever a plane is released the hype always dies down over a period of time. That’s just the way things are.


Good point but the message here is to “take advantage as notice how much effort they put”

Thanks for flying it by giving it love and maybe it can inspire others

I feel like FDS like only add what they ant but at the same time listen to us sometimes but then again idk my opinion no one really wanted a TBM you know, they could’ve started working on the A350 then rather than the TBM which I don’t think anyone really wanted it and you know prank us on April fools day about it and then idk realease it today or yesterday after the pic they showed to make it look like they just started working it … would’ve been a good plan to fool us
But ofc they work on something the community don’t really want (unless I’m mistaken the community did want a new GA/TBM)

Just imagine they show that WIP A350 on insta saying they’ve just started on it and then the next day they add the A350 mannnn you probbaly would’ve made everyone’s day after that pic you showed on Instagram FDS people probably though it would ale another few months or even years to add the plane since I’m pretty sure it takes a long time to make a new one anyways.
Idk hopefully it won’t take too long to add the A350 and hopefully FDS Listens to the community more often Ik they just reworked that A330 but look at that list in the features the top 3 I believe are A350 no A330 rework and taxi lights I get taxi lights is gonna take a long time because you need better rendering and stuff but I’m just saying Could’ve started working on the A350 rather than the TBM I think we could’ve waited and then like in the middle of that worked on replay and pushed it just so people could wait a little longer after the day of April fools day for FDS to release the a350 after that WIP of the A350 you’ve posted on insta I’m not a developer I don’t know anything about making games I know it probbaly takes months to implement something like this in the game but pls Next time or sometimes like what you did with the a330 listen to us IFC peeps we love your game!

Btw don’t hate me plz I’m just saying I’m not trying to say this in a talkin smack kind of way
And I do have patience I’m just saying pls done hate me. This my opinion on what they should do next time I’m not telling them to do it just suggesting


and to answer what you said more people will use the A350 more than the TBM I’d say at least 1300 people will based on the votes it will not die like the c172

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I know a crusher of deer who would vehemently disagree, as well as plenty of others.



You must’ve known that I was watching…


Yes Iim just saying

Sorry just my opinion I don’t mean to offend anyone but should they add something only a few people want or add something thousand people want I mean TBM is great but they coulda added it after the A350

There is also a difference between the tbm and the A350 the A350 ia an engine aircraft and it flies long distance

Facts facts long distance plane that everyone will use

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18 people voted for the TBM and maybe a few hundred more wanted it Daher-Socata TBM 930 but look at the A350 votes I think the mot votes ever voted gotten on a feature?? Airbus A350XWB Family

I think it’s fair to say that the A350 at some point in time will be addressed and added to Infinite Flight. I’m no fortune teller and I couldn’t even begin to guess when but the developers have made it clear in interviews in the past that they read y’alls comments on the feature requests.

As with every new aircraft, the interest among users is at an all time high when trying out a new aircraft. If you’ve noticed in the past when new aircraft are launched like the TBM or more recently the A330, a lot of people wanted to try their hand at the new addition. The interesting thing is to watch the “retention”. In otherwords, it’ll be interesting to see how many folks are still flying the plane say 4 months after the aircraft had launched.

For me personally, I fly the TBM a ton! I flew it a ton in beta. I flew it a ton immediately after the aircraft was launched, and I still fly it more than any of the other aircraft we have. Mainly because it’s the most versatile aircraft. It’s got takeoff and landing distances of a short field GA aircraft, it can cruise in altitudes that airliners would cruise at and its got the range of a regional jet (roughly). This combination gets me and my TBM into virtually any airport. Its more fun exploring the back country and finding unique airports that you will not find or get into with a tin can.

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Everyone isn’t a fan of just turning an autopilot on and going to sleep. If anyone hadnt noticed, the GA selection of aircraft had not been updated in years! and in my opinion people just want the A350 because its new and shiny, and not because its in some way unique from any of the other heavy airliners in the sim…


They… let’s just say it maybe worked on the tbm for idk maybe 2-3 months? They released it 6 months ago now add that 8-9 months to work on the A350 and maybe even the replay update somewhere in between there and then the 737 rework and then the TBMI think it might even take less time to make an A350

I use the TBM for touch and goes and to do short hops of less than 80 miles. It is a great aircraft.

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In my opinion, it will be different. The A350 is a versatile plane, able to fly the world’s longest route and also do 1 hour hops. It is something different than we have in the game, and Airbus’ long haul needs a lot of work in the game (even with the A330 update, and that won’t even have the versatility of the A350 even as real as it gets). It would be the most realistic thing we have, and also be a lot of fun to fly. Many airlines fly it, so for those that want realism, it would open up a ton of new routes with different airlines. The 787 is a good plane for a similar market, but they are very different planes and with all the changes IF has pushed lately, it would end up being a much better plane. Not to mention, truck tilt is now possible, and with the A330 recently updated, there aren’t many better planes to introduce it with (ignoring the -1000 ;))

With that said, I’m still willing to wait as long as is needed. Just putting it out there lol