About the A320 Live instruments

Hello Infinite Flight Staff Team and Community,

The update is great.
Only there is a small catch, the values ​​displayed on the instruments are barely visible if you do not zoom in, so you can still look out of the cockpit. Are you aware of this? and maybe there will be some adjustments, then it would be perfect!

how do you see it?

I can see just fine on an iPad Pro. Is it related to your device’s resolution?


It is a little problem on iPad Air 2 (yes I know… history).
But with zooming it is nice. :)
Very good update though!!!

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I use the iPhone XS with the highest settings. The values ​​and ads are all clearly visible when I’m ranzoome. As soon as I take the zoom out a bit to look out of the cockpit, it is still displayed, but a bit too small. you have to look closely

Yep, when I’m landing I don’t want to constantly be zooming in instead of looking where I’m going.


It’s hard to get a good ratio of instrument to outside visibility, especially when you’re on mobile devices. What do you think the devs can do about it?

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Nothing really, I think everyone including me is getting used to the new cockpit

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I use the iPhone X (R or S I don’t know) as well.

I agree the displays are challenging to see when fully zoomed out, so I simply zoom in a bit and adjust my view. I see outside perfectly well when I do this. It does take a bit of getting used to, though.

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yes they are a little hard to see…I blaime my old eyes though!

I suppliment the data with changing the data bar on th ebottom of the screen to relvant data for flying. Still getting the hang of it, very ticky trying to take off / land without the HUD!!

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Yep I do that too on my XR

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