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A question about 20.1 and TCAS. When we are on night flights and long range, and if we are crossing restricted airspace and the atc informs us but (personally when I do night flights they always last all night and that is when I am sleeping) but I do not respond if the ATC form will give me ghost?


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ATC will know whether you will be approaching into their airspace or passing overhead (assuming no conflicts). Rest assured, a lot of people have asked this and this is the definite answer we get so it’s all good.

perfect, thank you very much

For centre frequency, ATC will see if you are active (you have touched your device recently) or you are away (you haven’t). If centre is active and they see you are away, they will not issue a violation.

There would be something that says “Away” when controllers see you on the radar. They aren’t going to contact you if you have been away for a couple of hours.

If you overfly the airport and your still away, controllers aren’t going to contact you since you arent decending or anything. (I think)

Center might try as they control for cruising altitudes and if you’re flight plan is set for the airport you’re overflying you would be expected to be monitoring the flight at that point.

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