About switching phones and IF

If I’m switching phones, do I have to pay and install IF once again and buy a new subscription or just simply log in to play store using my new phone and everything will be transferred?

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I know if it’s the same store, you should be able to transfer all of your data (Android->Android, Apple->Apple, etc)

I’m changing the brand. Would I still be able to log in with my same google account that I used to subscribe and buy IF?

What phone will you be getting? Like what diamond just said, it depends on the company. You cannot transfer data from a iPhone to a android

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Yes you will. Your account come from google or Facebook which will not be affected by any device change

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The IF account is the same no matter what device

It’s a Huawei Mate 20.

However, I think you will have to buy the app again… not sure.

If you are currently playing on an Android device and you are planning on buying a new Android phone/tablet, you will be able to transfer all purchases.

If you are currently playing on an iOS device and you are switching to an Android device, you will have to buy the app again (and vice versa).


You keep your subscription however, it’s loinked to your google/facebook account.

Just sign in with your google account

Long story made short:
As @Starley said:

  • Changing from Android to Android or iOS to iOS no probs as changing platform (and so the store) is the point.

  • in case you are changing platform you will need to buy the game a second time, subscriptions (are) account based (and not platform based like the game or, talking for older IF version, planes)

(Are) is in brackets: with the latest IF version, account is not mandatory for subs

I’m pretty sure you will have to repurchase the app ( which means you will have to pay ) but if you log into your account again you should have everything back and won’t have to pay for a new sub if your current sub is still active once you get the new device.

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