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So on the forum suspension table, it says that if I get a high number of flags, I could get suspended for a week or a month or permanently.

Since I’ve been suspended for a week due to high flags, does that mean my next suspension will be one month?

I’m starting to worry as I feel that I haven’t been very helpful these few days and have already gotten like 3-4 flags.

Follow the Matrix. if it says that you’ll be suspended for a month then you’ll be suspended for a month. Unless you’ve really done a number, the mods tend to follow the Matrix


Yikes, ok. Thanks @Connor

Sometimes you get flags, there is nothing you fix, it’s a mistake and you learn from it.

What I remembered was that IFC isn’t always in you favor weather it’s right or wrong so I suggest to act like what IFC want you to act even though you may disagree with it, and it’ll be fine.

Hmm, I’ll take that feedback, thanks!

One of the best ways to avoid a flag that I’ve seen is:

  • Try your best to remain on topic.
  • Don’t make unnecessary comments on topics such as “I don’t think this topic was necessary” or other similar comments.

It might be challenging at first, but if you focus and think carefully what you plan to post, you shouldn’t be getting flags. From a personal perspective I’ve seen an improvement. Some improvement is better than none. If we see improvement from before your suspension, the chances of you getting suspended again for the same reason is less likely.

What you’re doing is you’re demonstrating to us that you’re someone who can carry on a conversation without totally “losing it” (for lack of better words) Just continue to do and be you. Always look for ways that you can improve your content and you’ll be just fine. 🙂


Thanks mate, much appreciated. Good to hear that I’m improving! Thanks for the feedback :)
@DeerCrusher feel free to close this as my question has been answered ;)

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