about some terrain issue

after yesterday I suffer from some terrain issue such as no terrain and no airport. some people told me is some kind network issue. today, i deleted IF and reinstall from App Store, and after test, I think it’s not entirely network problem, it looks like if when some certain terrain didn’t show up during flight, it will be impossible to show up. and it is impossible to start a flight at airports in these area, the loading continue like forever.

yesterday ,i can’t load terrain around Paris and Honolulu. today, after reinstall, area from LECI to LSPD, and some area around LFSB doesn’t Load in any situation. I tried to start nearby airport which I can start up, and terrain are easily loaded , and fly through these trouble area in 10000ft, 20000ft, or 30000ft, it just dosen’t load. and these area look like thisIMG_4393. It has a clearly boarder.

How can I unlock these area?

It looks like you are not connecting to the live server (see the red icon on top right corner) this is causing the terrain to not stream correctly to your device.


Your answer is by @Juanca above :) It is a network issue on your part.


red is not connect to live server, not global server, I start this trip from Spain, and everything went well until I reach the mountain .

it’s more than network issue, it appears these area once didn’t load, then won’t load forever

As far as I can remember, there are a few areas which do not have HD satellite imagery. I’ll check up on that to see if where you were flying is one of them.

It’s very kind of you

I think Paris and Spain both have HD imagery. I’m thinking you are not having a good wifi connection throughout the whole flight (hence the red connection icon) and this is causing the remainder of your flight to not render the scenery correctly.

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yes I assume connection may have some trouble, and when i switch net work, I have 2 different internet cable in office, and one in home, plus 4g network of phone, they are all failed to reload these area :(

Hmm… I can’t seem to find the list, but the area you’re flying should be covered. It is possible that problem is due to server issues, but I presume it’s your connection.

There was an area in China that stayed blurry even though I had no network issues (see the screenshot for gps coordinates). Anyone know if parts of the China scenery are missing?



I have the same problem. Im my case the Global Server icon turns red. I noticed that as soon as I take off from KLAX the icon turns red. I’ve been trying to fly KLAX-KSFO but this issue prevents me from completing the flight as the terrain quality turns low and the app starts glitching.

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The server icon is red as others have stated. It’s not going to load properly when it is. This will improve over time.

i still can’t start a flight in the airports within these trouble area, even I improve my network environment or restart device or clear ram. global is a huge map, need time to make it perfect, so, I’m waiting.

This was and is still happening to me sometimes even with a strong WiFi

This is actually a case of scenery in the background not fully rendering until you’re directly above it—hence the very defined break between high and low resolution.

You should have know this @Brandon_Sandstrom


Looks like it’s not loaded under him as well hence my comment.