About some Recent Trends in the VA Community

Hello Everyone,

We have noticed a surge in replies to new VA/VO threads containing questions like: “is this IFVARB approved?”. While we appreciate members wanting to assist in our duties, we would like members to contact an IFVARB Administrator directly if they’re concerned about the certification status of a VA/VO instead of increasing thread clutter with unneeded posts.

We would also like to remind members that the best course of action when seeing an unneeded post is to flag for moderator attention. Please do not reply and engage with the member. Thanks.

If you don’t know which administrator to contact, please refer to this handy guide below from our Information Thread:

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our administration team.

On Behalf of the IFVARB


much needed mention, 100% support this announcement!

I always see people asking if this va is ‘IFARB approved’ I think is right that anyone who says this should just contact the administrator directly. I also support this announcement 100%

Great post. I feel terrible for new VAs, the first few comments are always “is this IFVARB approved?”. Questions like these makes there thread look dreadful.


Finally, let the mods do their job!

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