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Lately I’ve seen topics were the OP (Original Poster) has asked if this airport and that airport will be in Global Flight. Well I say, no worries, we will work hard to finish as many airports out of the 43,983 in the world. Yes, I know that’s a lot, but even if we don’t redo an airport, it will still be in Infinite Flight but it’s X-Plane File will be implemented (these files are quite crappy), in every update (yes, including the next) will have redone airports such as EGHH, KPSP, etc. So please don’t ask any of these questions, Global = Worldwide, Worldwide = all 43,983 airports, 43,983 airports = not all of them will be done, but we will work hard to get them done,

Patrick (Airport Editor)


I’m hoping that I can re-join the team.

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I’m glad this topic was finally made! It’s good for a clarification!


Yeah, it’s about time someone spoke out :)

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Question, how does the airport information get sent from the editors to the devs to add to the game? Say if you made Tokyo Narita, how would that finished product get to the devs to be patched into the game?

If you listen to the latest episode of flight cast @Joseph_Spinner you will find all the and more of the information you need, it’s a great episode!

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GitHub, Matt is on our GitHub so he can take the codes an out them into Infinite Flight :)

What kind of quality are the airports you have taken from X-Plane and haven’t edited yet? Are they usable or terrible?

One big thing of concrete. Nothing much more than that.

It has a boundary, but no lines, gates, or accurate spawn points.

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Hmm…something tells me I should watch the latest flightcast episode…

Thank’s for you’re great work. :)

Mostly the adequate runways and a taxiway parallel to them.

That’s all. No spawns

i just hope big airports that arent in the game now wont have errors like dubai or tokyo

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Our airport reviewers are very good at their job. A mistake here and there may slip, other than that. It should be pretty darn good.

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