About Russian Planes

And we will start witch King of sky:
IL96 - Design group:Ilyushin; Built by:Voronezh Aircraft Production Association
First flight:28 September 1988
Number built:30
Status:In service

Tupolev TU-154-Manufacturer:Tupolev
First flight-4 October 1968; (48 years ago)
Number built:1,026
Status:In limited service

IL86-Design group:Ilyushin; Built by:Voronezh Aircraft Production Association
First flight:December 22, 1976
Number built:106
Status:Only military service

TU144-Design group-Tupolev OKB;Built by:Voronezh Aircraft Production Association
First flight-31 December 1968
Number built-16

TU-204-Design group:Tupolev;Built by:Aviastar SP (Tu-204 series)
Kazan Aircraft Production Association (Tu-214)
First flight:2 January 1989
Number built:82
Status-In production

Superjet 100-Manufacturer:Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Production Association;Design group:Sukhoi Civil Aircraft
First flight-19 May 2008
Number built-122
Status-In production, in service

Here some photos:

Air Force Ilushin IL-86 Photo taken by File:Russia - Air Force Ilyushin Il-87 Aimak (Il-80-Il-86VKP) RA-86148 (6395892863).jpg - Wikimedia Commons

IL96 (Aeroflot) Photo taken by The best Ilyushin Il-96 Photos | Airplane-Pictures.net
Superjet-100 Photo taken by http://samolety.org/luchshie-mesta-v-samolete-suxoj-superdzhet-100-95v-aeroflot/

What plane you like more ?

  • TU-154
  • IL96
  • IL86
  • TU144
  • TU204
  • Superjet100

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If this post duplicate close it.


Putin’s Presidential IL96 is pretty baller


Sad that Aeroflot no longer uses the IL-96…

Yeah that really sad,


Really Nice post and much new info for me, thanks!
I like the superjet-100 the most:)

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An-2 for me. Low and slow

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That cool plane and pretty old


I sincerely like the livery of the aircraft, but my favorite livery in the IL-96 has to be Cubana.


:( That picture just hit me in the feels. Those used to land in Toronto…now we just get unpainted A320s that fly for Cubana that fly in

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Their cargo subsidiary also flies to Panama, it’s rear to see their Tupolev 204s in there.

That sad,this planes now not flying

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