About requesting TFR

Is it possible to post in even feature when I need to do aerobatic practice and someone make a TFR for me? Cause I might do some aerobatic practice on some military bases and I don’t want anyone to collide with me, usually 7.5 nmi and 12500 ft AGL.

TFR’s are done by staff and are used in official IF events.

You can try the casual server if you are concerned about collision.


In fact, casual is when we get rammed cause there are more trolls.

i believe the only place you can do areobatics without a violation is on casual server

I need to know this cause I’m working on a blue Angel’s virtual and have staffing issues.

I would recommend staying out of the way of the military VAs such as GAF and IFGN. They will be on you until you exit the airspace.

But will need tfr to do my shows.

There is already a Naval VA, but it’s not IFVARB Approved I don’t think, so… Anyway, if you’re on Expert/Casual do it over the ocean or something, it’s really just if you do it around airports that will get you violations.

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Its blue angels…

And I founded blue Angel’s virtual 2 years ago. Ask @Nathaniel_Coleman

Okay, lets continue in PM as this has no longer anything to do with the topic


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