About Request/Tracking thread.

Do we need them? Do they actually improve the conversation? Knowing that they are not useful at all for us developers, should we keep them? Going through 1000 posts to see what ppl want is not efficient. We do our best to have the most popular liveries already, I don’t think opening that type of discussion is productive to this forum.



I think that it is healthy for users to have a place to speculate. Everybody likes to have a gossip now and then don’t they! I think it is good to have a place where we can talk about these things. It’s not productive, not by a long stretch, but I think not allowing people to talk about upcoming features won’t go down well.

Perhaps, you could assign a Moderator to each tracking thread, or simply just create a poll, which eliminates all the hassle, since I do understand they get out of control fast, and it can get rather annoying.

I think we need to find a good balance here-They aren’t useful to you, Matt and Rg, but that shouldn’t mean that users don’t have the privilege of having a chat about the next update, as that is something people probably enjoy and value.

In summary, I’m for keeping them, but at the same time I get where you’re coming from and agree some things have to change.

Cheers buddy :) ;)


Why stop the community’s excitement? Personal stuff between members like there were recently don’t belong there. Otherwise this thread was perfectly fine for proving confirmed liveries and speculation.


I thought it would be nice to have a place where we could look and find a list of confirmed liveries. Nice to keep track of what was expected. The original intent was not for it to be requests but all of the requests threads got merged in so its purpose got twisted. However, the event planning in the bottom cannot be answered by me.

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@LSZH34 The problem is that these thread quickly go off topic. They also contain many pics when we clearly said to not post pics in the feature category unless asked to for clarification.

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Experience taught us that no matter how many liveries we create, there will always be ppl who are not happy so in the end it is better for us to go with a good set we like and eventually add more later. If we start having a public list of what will be included, we will have tons of messages to add this and that livery; this is distracting and end up slowing down our work.


Could your moderators not just pay extra attention to these types of threads, and enforce the rules a little more strictly/Just generally maintain a bit more?

They could be helpful in some ways because if there is a livery that is not in the game or region and if alot of people want to see it, it could help yous (devs) know what people want in the game.

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Please reopen the A320-topic, it was great to see which livery is coming :(

@Belfast_spotter that is the thing, it doesn’t help at all since it is really hard to track anything in a 1000+ post thread


Yes I know it can be hard and it does take your time away from development of the game.

Perhaps limit it to speculation and discussion based on a certain theme, as-oppose to actual requests…

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I believe that those threads although not helpful for developers, keep the forum alive and sometimes generate good discussions. But the pictures need to stop and should be flagged from now on.


I’ll re-open it since I wanted to get community feedback, but I made a couple changes to the permissions of the feature category:

  • Everyone can see the category
  • Trust level 1 (basic user) can reply/see
  • Trust level 2 (member) can create new topic

We want ppl with a minimum of experience on the forum to engage in feature discussion since we are getting way to many distracting or off topic posts that mostly come from inexperienced users (if you are a regular, please help your fellow community member)

If you see pics that shouldn’t be there, flag it. Same for off topic posts.

It is very important that we all take part into making this community useful and productive.


I know this is off this topic but how do you see what trust level you are I’m not quite sure of mine.

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You’re a member. Just go to the main page of your profile, and it is displayed their.

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So is that not a trust level?

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Yep,TL2 :) ;)


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I made it clearer in my post above:

  • Trust Level 1 = basic user
  • Trust Level 2 = member

So for you, nothing changed :)

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Oh sorry I never seen that.

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