About report , please help me

I just want to appeal about your report. Manoel G report me at nzaa because of interfering with other aircrafts , I feel sorry about it . In fact , my network was not stable , and that was my first time taking off and landing in New Zealand area , when I taken off , I couldn’t find any aircraft because of net , suddenly they appeared , and I just want to connect atc ( approach ) and quit this flight to prevent interfering with others , but that too late . So , it’s not my willingness to disturb others especially I am a grade 4 player . Please release my report and I really really want to level up to grade 5 as fast as possible , because I am not a pilot , but that’s my dream from when I was a boy , Thank you !

Contact @MannyG

However if you realize you were at fault, it’s unlikely the report will be reversed


thank you for your help , best wishes

Thanks for the help @JeromeJ!