About replying to comments

If you reply to a comment, it will not be replied to by that person the first time, and if you delete it and reply a second time, it will work. What should I do?

Could you elabarate on that?

Here’s what it looks like when I write it the first time

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It’ll work the second time.

Im confused whats happening here, I can see all your messages?

You can see the message.

I can see the messages you sent yes.

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yea i also am confused what do you mean

Okay I’m hearing echoes now…

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The first time I send it, this is not there.

I’m wondering if they’re replying to me correctly.

ok i f your replying to soemthing thats just above the original omment it wont come

I knew it! Yes, that’s how it goes. The first reply will not have the avatar of the person you’re replying to - if you replied to them immediately below.

But a leaping reply will, when others will be between you and the person you are replying to, so that people will know who that reply was for.

wow that was a trip just writing that… :D


I’ve been replying to you…

And I just replied myself

(see the difference?)

Did you get your point across?

It’ll work the second time.

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👆yes, hence this explanation has been given to you already.

thats because the first time its obvious( the post above) who your replying to