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Marry christmas everyone!

As the topic name says, i have a question about replays.

so… my device storage is running low.

i have to choose to:

Delete the replays or… Delete the entire data.

but no one works, and i dont want to lose the replays.

but i thought of using of “file saving” apps like cloud etc, can it work?

It sure can! If you’re on iOS, you can save the replay directly to your device (files application). Alternatively, you can use sharemyinfiniteflight.com. There is, however, a 14 day limit.


I use an android device, but whenever my storage space has only about 10GB left, I transfer all media to an external hard drive.

How low of space are we talking?

like less than 1GB left.

my handheld potato only have 32GB.

You can delete replays you do not need after the flight if you choose. Cloud apps are good but you would need to ensure it is uploaded and then you can delete it from the app.

Uninstalling or clearing data will also free up space but the downloading of planes will occupy space.

Hello…l am a veteran of IF since almost its beginning and a a former beta tester before there was even any ATC…that said l was NEVER able to reload any replays that l had saved to my Google Drive until this latest IF version was released and now l find that even replays of a year ago can be reloaded easily into the new version…so l know at least on an Android device like the Galaxy Tab S4 which l recently purchased…the portability is excellent…and l assume if you have an IOS device your results would be the same …so just save all your replays to an Icloud, Google Drive or similar cloud drive and you can replay them anytime you want…even on my previous tab that is over five years old now l could still save all the replays before l had to reinstall IF when it ran out of usable storage space…so good luck in your IF activities and l hope you and yours have a very MC/HNY 2021 in the Philippines !

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