About Replays

I just finished my flight form KORD to VHHH (14 hour flight), I was looking forward to see my landing in VHHH, but the replay didn’t get it. It took only first 19 mintutes. So, I’d like to know if there is a limit to replay and what is the limit, If there isn’t, why the replay recorded only 19 minutes of 14 hours?

Can we see your replay screen table? This is the list that has your Flights itemized in sequential order based on the date.

Of course!

Great! Thanks for sharing that. So how much storage do you have available on your device?

Oh… Actually the time of replay is 19 hours and I’ve already been able to view the entire replay, sorry for the lack of attention…


No worries. I seen the time was 19 hours and 56 minutes in length but I couldn’t figure out why you couldn’t view it all after reading your initial post and comparing it to the screenshot. Anyways, enjoy! Thanks again.