About radar vectors

Hi can anyone please help me with explaining how to use and understand radar vectors on live.

As a pilot or as a atc?

As a pilot thanks

That simply means you want them to give you a heading and altitude to your destination but the destination needs to be in your flight plan so you can select where you are going and they will direct you into the pattern.

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Thanks for that is the same as when you ask for ILS approach

Some what other then an ILS approach they will guide you right to the approach for the runway in use.

Thanks for the help see you out there

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So what is the different between request radar vectors with request flight following ?? Flfollowing is also give u alt and heading for ur dest

Flight following is only following you to your destination. The ATC shouldn’t really give you any instructions unless you are in conflict with approaching traffic, in that case the controller will direct you away form that aircraft.

Flight following: Continue flight plan, some vectors and altitude assignments may be sent to avoid traffic.

ILS approach: Expect vectors, speeds and altitude changes to get you on straight approach and assigned on the localiser (ILS in general)

Radar vector: controller will vector you to flight planned destination. Usually to pattern altitude.

This is best to my knowledge, may be slightly wrong.

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It’s been explained here: Flight Following / Radar Vectors / ILS approach / Check In What are the differences?



That sounds like a good description for them all helped a lot that now cheers

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