About phpVMS

l heard that this is a good software for VA so l decide to register an account but l have some problem.
You can see l do not pass the security check but l really do not the reason,can anyone tell me?

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Are you in a VA that uses that software?

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Hey #support is only for in-game issues. Give you a heads up 👍


Sorry but l really can not find a place to solve my problem……

Actually l just want to experience it.

It says “in this sentence.”
So you take the 3rd word in the sentence “What is 3rd, word,…”

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nope, l just want to figure out why l can not pass the security check.

Its not VMS, its “word”, smh

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l know that….l just do not change it immediately(l restart the website and l do not correct it).Anyway just ignore it and the question is why l can not pass the security check.

I dont understand you at the moment. Could you clarify more clearly?

Are you trying to get through without doing a security check?

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You can think as if l answer the question correctly and l still can not pass the security check.

From what I see on my side and on yours, it is clear that the reCAPTCHA doesn’t appear for you, that’s the reason you aren’t passing.

This is what you are supposed to see:


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Yeah that is the problem. Thank you very much!

No problem! Try doing some research on how to fix this (Google is your friend, he should find something) as personally I have never came across this before.

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l will take you advice😄

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