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About 2 months ago I deleted the game from my phone. I cant see the airplanes I bought before. What should i do please help me this issue thanks !

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What device are you using? That’d help. Make sure you’re signed in with the same apple/google iD.

Hey Burak!

Welcome to the community! What you want to do is click restore purchases and the aircraft should be there as long as you’re signed into the Apple ID/Google Account you bought it on.

Hi Kevi ,Im using Iphone 6+

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Okay Burak, are you signed in with the same Apple ID you bought the aircraft with before? ;)

Hi . I have tried this before but I got an error. Restore purchase failed.

Yes Im comnecting with same account :)

Just press purchase again it shouldn’t charge you. If it doesn’t contact one of the staff and they’ll fix it for you :)

I’ve had the same error. Try deleting the app and restarting your iPhone, than reinstall the app. Than come back and tell me if that works!

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Hi kevin. Thank you Im trying now . I will let you know

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Okay great! Good luck! ;)

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Hi Kevin . I keep getting the same error

Okay. No problem. What you need to do is go to the live section on the main menu and sign in via Facebook or google (whichever is easier) and when it asks you to purchase a subscription, click the I already have a subscription button. When you do that, you’ll need to enter your Apple ID, and after that, when it says no subscription found, go back to the aircraft menu and restore your aircraft. :)
That’ll do the trick!

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Thank you Kevin It worked :)


You’re very welcome Burak! Blue skies!

This usually is a case of content tied to a Live+ account. In these instances “Restore Purchases” does nothing. This is because the content is not actually purchased, it’s on loan throughout the duration of the Live+ subscription.
Restore Purchases only syncs your iTunes account in use to the account records, thus allowing for reinstallation of previously purchased content.


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