About Opinions - And How to Deal With Them

Yes, I know why I’m about to do is incredibly ironic, but I’m going to do it anyways.

I’d argue that it’s completely acceptable to engage if you don’t agree, it’s just all about how you engage. Ridicule, mocking, or acting condescending towards someone with another opinion is an issue. But if you truly disagree with what someone says and back it up with what you believe, there’s no issue with that.


I completely agree and edited the OP.

Yeah I’d completely agree as well. Disagreement leads to critical thinking, and the formation of new, possibly better ideas. Without any disagreement, we’d live in a world in which there is no growth of ideas.


I agree to what you’ve said @Alec, but to the extent that the opinion is not breaching ToS. If it’s breaching ToS, it will generally be something either too controversial or not in the correct place. However, I will say, most of the time, users are able to give across their point while they maintain ToS.

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Yeah, I’m on board with this. There are a few select things that I wouldn’t apply this to, but for most things I genuinely enjoy listening to and understanding another’s point of view. Not just on the IFC, but in other social medias and in real life. I’ll be honest though, because I’m not perfect and there are a few things that do put me over the edge and I have to find ways to deal with that since the other is entitled to their own opinion. However, as @ran said, the ToS is here for a reason and most posts or comments that go against it are because they are too sensitive or controversial. This is an interesting post and I think that quite a few people might benefit by reading this with an open mind! Thanks for sharing! :)


I very much agree!

You shouldn’t feel that you are forced not to disagree. It’s okay, but the way you disagree matters. You can’t just start name-calling and making fun of the user for being incorrect or not agreeing. I’ve seen it happen before.

If you do see any of these issues pop up, don’t engage in a conversation with the user but instead flag their post with an explanation.

Well said, we’re lucky to have what we have here. A community is only as good as those who are in it.

I try to be as constructive as possible whenever I am posting about ____ topic… I mean, really try to improve whatever it is I am talking about… be passionate (or complain with a solution in hand, etc.) - and I can tell your post here kind of fits perfectly in line with that philosophy.


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Well said @Alec.

It’s totally ok to have an opinion. If fact, opinions are some of the best things around, wether you agree with the opinion being presented or not.


Ah thanks

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