About Opinions - And How to Deal With Them

Every once and a while, we see an opinion. In particular, an opinion which we don’t agree with.

You can feel that steam boiling in your gut… you hate to see it, so you shoot it down.

I can tell you first hand, it hurts when nobody wants to listen to you.

What are opinions, and how do they relate to me?

As a business, opinions are all that matter. If the community wants Option A, and you build Option B, they won’t be happy. That’s where opinions come in handy. If no one had opinions, nobody would get anything done. Because nobody would know what people want.

Opinions can also be used to understand a person’s point of view. Back to the “Option A and B” thing. Somebody says that they want Option A for one reason. Another says that Option B is better for a few reasons.

However it seems like people lean one way… If you don’t like the opposite side of the argument, then you will do anything to shoot it down. Some of these could include making fun of the other side or giving reasons why their evidence is invalid. When it seems like you are being smart, the other person might be deeply hurt by your words. Especially when the words are invalid.

It hurts when you get shot at… just for giving an honest opinion. Because 90% of the people want Option A doesn’t mean that people can’t push for Option B for valid reasons.

How do I deal with conflicting opinions?

If you don’t agree, just think for a second. Its totally okay to speak your opinions as well. But just be sure that what you are saying is kind. Simple as that. It will make you and the opposing side feel better in the long run.

How does this relate to the IFC?

I have noticed that people often get shot at for their particular views on an issue. For example, Infinite Flight updates. Some people want everything exactly as it is in real life, and other don’t really care and are happy with what is given. An example of that is the A350 windows. One person would say that it needs to be fixed, and another would come in with a list of why it doesn’t.

Another problem is current. The 757 rework. Some people feel like we need more diverse liveries and airlines in the sim. Others don’t. Instead of shooting down the side you disagree with the IFC would be a much better place if we could appreciate each other’s opinions.

TL;DR: We would all be better off by just learning to live with the opinions of others.

Thanks for your time :)


so true

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Very well said. Opinions are singing that cause a lot of mess here, with people supporting theirs and invalidating the others

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I agree with you Alec! There is a lot of tension I’ve seen in the last few weeks. Opinions are an amazing way of understanding someone’s point of view or to give your personal view on something. Everyone has the right to be entitled to their own opinions and choices without being shot down by someone without the same opinion. I think we should all be courteous on the ifc and in real life of others opinions and choices and to accept that they are another person behind the screen. Instead of arguing, have a civil convo privately if you are curious behind their opinion. No harm in asking. Thanks for this topic, Alec.


the thing is when someone disagrees people need to not flag the post but conversate about it in pm. Also people need to suck it up when they disagree on minor things because out in the real world you wont be sheilded from disagreements.

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Let’s see how long this topic stays civil…


This is one more thing I would like to stress… Please keep this a nice and civil discussion everyone :)

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well with these topics they never stay civil for more than 5 minutes max.

Ik it’s sad

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On topic please :)

If it doesn’t stay civil it only just proves the OP’s point of this topic.


That big brain right there

Sorry I’m done


That’s exactly the point of this topic. People will have different opinions about it, and might create the exact same issue this topic is originally trying to solve


very good advice there.

Thank you for your calm and respectful opinion. I see your side of the issue :)

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Wait… what’s wrong with the windows…

The cockpit windows are slightly too big :)

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I think this message can and should extend much farther from the IFC and Infinite Flight.

People are so polarized and something needs to change to make the world a better place. Very well said, Alec. If only we had world leaders on the IFC to read this post…


I’m sure it’s about this

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Well, I’m gonna put my input in here before this thing is closed because I guarantee you this isn’t staying open for much longer.

I agree with you. Opinions should be welcomed and cherished. If opinions are blocked out by staff members and by the little community members, then what’s the point of being here? The point of being here is to help the developers as well as community members get a better understanding of when you aircraft are coming out as well as to have entertainment through real world aviation topics. Staff members should listen to what we have to say and implement that into their development that’s pretty much why the IFC was created.