About next update

What will happen in the next update, will the Airbus a350 be in the next update? I just want to know.

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Nobody is 100% sure, but make sure to stay up to date on the Infinite Flight Timeline.

According to staff and developers, they’re aiming for around 2020 for the A350 release, but anything could happen in between then, so we don’t really know when yet.


Once I find out I’ll let yea know

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There may be another scenery in the next update, but in the next MAJOR update, the Piper XCub and Airbus A350-900 will be introduced.

Thanks guys, much appreciated thanks! ;)

I think the Piper XCUB will be introduced first, as this aircraft is only a small GA, to be replaced by the Super Decathlon. Then after a period of Months we should be introduced to the Airbus A350.

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