About new update or the runway idle ⚠️ notification

This flight that I was doing was not on live but this question is for when I am on live or someone else because I was holding short doing final checks and then while taxing on the runway, Then stopped I stayed for a while, then Put thrust with the warning of the being idle on the runway
Hope it wasn’t confusing


My question is what happens if your finally on the runway, on live now then atc makes you line up and your there waiting for a aircraft to cross then it gives you the warning ⚠️ of being idle and the atc still is not gibbing you it because another aircraft or whatever is the case And especially in expert they will ban or whatever needed if you Takeoff without clearance

Why was the idle mode created if violations can happen or what was the reason

•Aircraft: Tbm 930
Training Server


If you’re told to line up and wait by IFATC or atc on the TS, you won’t get the violation as you’re not blocking the runway with intention. You’re blocking it because you’re told to do so.


That help a little but my question is what do you do do you Takeoff without clearance or get a violation if it tells you your idle

And on expert

They can ban
They can also ghost


You wait until tower clears you to takeoff. If you takeoff prematurely, you may get ghosted for it. Tower can see the logs for each plane individually, so they’ll see if you were told to line up and wait or to takeoff, or to hold short

Thanks for the help

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