About New Free Cams

Hi, in first look video of 20.2 update at 0:45 , 1:02 and 1:31 mins. planes break 90 degree right and left. I have tried to do that with new free cams in 20.2 version but i couldn’t. How those videos can be taken? Because free cams keep turning with plane.

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I imagine these trailers were either created using another stable aircraft as the free camera, or just using a developer build on a PC to create the trailers with special attributes and features.

This “breakaway” type shot was done with a special camera by Laura. I described a shot I wanted and she came up with some footage in her PC development build. There is lots she can “hack together” for me if needed when she doesn’t have to worry about the unintended consequences for the rest of the app.

We could end up seeing this type of camera (that stays on the same track as the aircraft banks away) in the future, however, it hasn’t been developed for a release candidate at this point.


Laura is a God for this sim, not gonna lie 👀❤️


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