About Navigation 2206

Please update the navigation data as soon as possible! After this update, the RW01 at ZBAA Airport cannot use ILS approach!

While airports may be edited, the navigation database is out of the hands of the editors and only the staff are able to update the information necessary. Unfortunately, as there are many hundreds, if not thousands of airports that are in need of a navigation update, I’m afraid that it might take a bit longer than it did in the past for changes to be reflected.

Hopefully, this is something that’ll change in due course, but until then, please do bear with it. I’m looking forward to any developments as much as you are.


As far as I know it’s the side effect of correcting the runway number from 1 to 01.
IF used to stream navdata from Navblue, however there’s now a bug in how they process the data, so we need to bear this for the time being until worldwide navdata is updated again.

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