About my reports

hello infinite
a big flyer from India yesterday I was playing in export server n I haven’t done any mistake but it reported me and now the issue is 1-year I’m not able to play export server, pls pls request u guys to less my reports in infinite flight,

Display name - Captain Dip
Callsing - Lufthansa 2
Controllers -amsterdam unicorn


Can you send us a picture of your logbook for the controllers name if you were ghosted by an Expert Server moderator, you won’t be able to know who had ghosted you.


If you have a genuine reason to believe you were reported wrongly, contact your controller by PM. You can find his name in your logbook.

Please remember to be polite and patient to wait for his/her reply, as this increases your chance of it getting reversed. However, the controller’s decision is always final.

hope this can be a good learning experience for you nontheless :)


You may contact @Bobby if you wish.

Things to note:

The situation at hand, the most recent situation which resulted in this report, will be up for (polite) discussion.

The other 5 reports are well past the point of appeal.


Hi there,

I was the person who ghosted you. I’ll reach out to you.

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