About my last issue purchasing live last Nov 2

I was just going to ask
Last Nov 2 i had a purchasing issue and it was my first time to encounter an issue like that. And i am thankful that it was been fixed but i purchased 2 month at the same day (as you can see on picture) via google play… But on my account i saw the expiring date is DEC 2. Since i purchased 2 months live on that day, NOV 2 it should be expire on JAN 2… Can i still recover or refund my one month purchased live? @david big brother… I hope you could fix it to JAN 2… Or should i wait till DEC 2 and remind you that i still have one month purchased live that never used? Thank you and have a nice day Pilots
-Park Ken Yoon

When your one expires at December 2, it’ll add your other live subscription


So it doesn’t show that you have bought another subscription until your current one runs out. I hope you understand now :-)

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Guys today my one month live is expired but i still dont have the other one month live i purchased? It didn’t apply automatically

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