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Hi infinite Fam so I know this is a common question but I just got promited to Grade 2 piloting so I was wondering what should I do and where can.I get tutorial on it and how does ATC work and violations is vilations strict on Grade 2 😁

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Well done for making it to Grade 2!

You can find a handy tutorial for ATC here, made by one of our fellow community members:

With regards to piloting etiquette, there are no set rules, but you should be flying as if a moderator can see you, that is smoothly, safely, and showing regard to your fellow pilots.

These are the ways a pilot can receive violations, and you should always adhere to these rules:


If you have any more questions feel free to send me a message :)



The ‘Aircraft too large’ violation. Does it automatically issue it or does ATC need to warn the Pilot? Does it work on TS?

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Grade 2 isn’t that strict however the violations mentioned by 2003iggy are true on the training server.Remember if you ignore or try trolling atc they can still take a screenshot and post it on the community…
Try being as realistic as possible and be mindful of others as the worst thing you can do is to ruin others session.if you don’t know the procedures just search it up on the community or pm someone experienced.


As far as I am aware if you are above the size restriction there isn’t any violation or anything in training server…

If you actually do watch all of the tutorials, I bet you’ll be the best Grade 2 pilot on the entire Training server 😉


That’s clearly disproved with the image above, which was included in a thread by Tyler_Shelton, so I would imagine it’s meant to work, even if it doesn’t.


Thank you so.much for all that information so I can finally talk to ATC and they will respond back and im exited to progress more want to fly with a respectful attitude toward.others and fly by the rules and rhx for.the support


Thank you so.much for the help.I.really do.appreciate it will takr all the advice and use it

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No problem! Happy to help. Have a good day!

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Thank you I just want to be a great pilot and work on.getting my Grades good and.gonna fly by every rule and listen to ATC.and to earn trust and earn my Grades with a honest and.hard working manner and.respect others while flying😁✈


Any field where the info page says current aircraft restricted will give you a violation. This is wholly infependent of ATC.

ATC cannot grant violations.

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@Tim_B where on the airport will it show me how big a aircraft would be that is granted to.land on that specific airport

It doesn’t unfortunately, but a little common sense goes a long way. If you’re in a 388, don’t expect to be landing at a Delta with a 1500 foot runway.

I think generally, any plane not classified as heavy or super is fine, but I don’t know the exact rules for every airport. If you’re midflight and you see that on the info page, find an airport nearby that has the runway length to handle your aircraft.

Wow I never knew that in all the while of playing infinite flight…because i usually spawn at major cities or hubs

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