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Hello everyone o was just wondering I am doing a flight from Heathrow to Melbourne on Monday the 10th of August with BA 777-200ER but I know British Airways does a stop over in Chagi Singapore so I calculated my flight plan and found out it wil take.me Heathrow - Melbourne and return Melbourne - Heathrow return 5 days to complete which means I wil be taking off on Monday and be landing back at Heathrow on Saturday was just wondering if I did the right calculations.

I can’t tell you what you did wrong but it is definitely wrong

It should be around 2 days

2 days because it would take.me 2 days to get from Heathrow to Melbourne Australia it about 23 hours of flying with a stop over in Changi for refueling

It should take around 24h from Heathrow to Melbourne if the stops take an hour

I flew LHR to SYD non-stop- took around 20 hours. So ignore you want to add a stop and Changi - +1 hour, the total one way time should be around 21 hours. Times that by two and 42 hours. Just less than 2 days.

Yeah te stop is about an hour yess because im taking off the 10th landing in Melbourne on the 12th taking off from Melbourne on the 13th and landing in Heathrow on the 15 th.

That’s probably if you fly 42 hours at once I am flying 22 hours then the next day taking off fornmy 22 hours black plus there is a stop.over in changi for refueling.

Oh right so you can add 24 hours to the total so 42+24=66 hours.

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Yess plus that extra 2 hours for the changi stop both ways so so total of 68 hours.

I already added a 1 h stop for both way

It should take you around 66 hours.

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Ohhh hahha thanks so its possible to fly 5 days if.not doing a once of 42 hours because I think a pilot would be over working him self if.he had to do.the flight in 2 day’s

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I agree 😂 You can sleep during the flight tho 😂


That’s true hahahah but i think.pilots get 24 hours before they fly back to they’re destination so in real life they would also take 4 to 5 days flying in a Ultra long Haul😊

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Hey there!

I’ll give a full walk through, and an in-depth review of your planned flight and how long it will take.

So firstly, I’m creating a flight plan using FPLtoIF.com/simbrief, where it’ll give me a flight plan with all my required information from Mach to fuel input, to many other bits and pieces. We’ll be mainly focusing on the speed and the flight time.

I’d always suggest adding an hour between legs. This hour will be the time you create your flight plan, pushback, taxi, and go to do other things than stare at your device during your stopover. It also helps for traffic, delays, and any unexpected changes in the weather.

So starting at Heathrow, a flight to Singpaore Changi on a 777-200ER at the standard Mach 0.84, on a general standard cruise altitude for this flight (always step climb!!), the flight will take about 12½ hours.

We’ll now add an hour on (13½ hours), and you’ll be at the hold short ready for takeoff to Melbourne.

The flight from Singapore to Melbourne, same flight stuff as above, will take about 7 hours. Adding an hour onto that (8 hours) and adding it to the overall time would be 21½ hours.

Now looking at the return, the flight from Melbourne to Singapore with the added hour would be 8½ hours, 30 hours total.

Finally, the last leg back to Heathrow. This time I’ll add half an hour, just in case of any delays, and the taxi to your gate at Heathrow.

This would make the flight about 13½ hours, adding on making the total time for the flight if nonstop to be about 43½ hours/1 day 19½ hours including a brief stopover at the gate, about 30-40 minutes.

I’m not sure how you’d adjust your sleep pattern to this, whether you’d sleep in between flights or fly each leg separately (with the given times above to help).

I hope I’ve helped you decide on what and where to do this flight!


Thank you so.me vj for alll that information it really helps soo soo extremely much tho and its so accurate tho the reason my flight is,going to take 4 days is because im going to let my device rest for 24 hours basically like stop over in Melbourne before heading back to Heathrow and also calculating the time difference between my time and also other countries time of arriving and departing so it takes a lot of huge planning for a Ultra long haul .I missed Calculated the date its actually 4 days of flying hahhaha thanks for all the help tho really appreciate it so much😊


IRL BA flies to Sydney via Singapore. You should go there instead

They used to operate that routing, but they suspended it temporarily in April.

Melbourne is one of BAs routed aswell they probably do all stops at Chagi airports for they’re London Heathrow - Australian Routed😊😊

Probably because of the Covid situation.

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