About Me not showing.

So I just realized that my about me isn’t showing even though I filled it out. is there a way to fix this? am I the only who cannot see the about me? Leave your answers down below :)


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Is this what you typed in there?


Chicago, Illinois


Hello out there!

Im a 13 year old Aviation enthusiast from the great state of Illinois my favorite plane is the 744 and my favorite airline is American Airlines. Im grade 3 in Infinite flight. (Almost grade 4!) I have a small youtube channel called Everything_Matthew. And that’s about it.

Cya in the sky!

Callsign: N1017M

Virtual Airline: N/A

Virtual Organisation: IFGAC


Yes that’s what I typed in

I copied that from your profile so it should be visible. What browser are you using?

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I am using safari

Hmmm, looks fine from my side. Not sure why you can’t see it.

Thank you!

(Someone can close this now)

As requested 😎