About Livery Request

It pretty much depends on how popular the feature request is. If it barely has any votes then it probably won’t be seen as much or looked at by devs but if it has a lot of views and votes there is a slight chance that it can be implemented into the game because of how much the community want it. Usually one of the devs will have a poll with the most popular requests and we will be able to vote for what aircraft or livery we want to see in an upcoming update

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your thought really understandably make sense, but if you said

I believe many of the livery requests also had their points, and most of them are unique, which I believe also understandable to implement in this global flight age so people did not have limited options to fly across the globe.

anyway, my post here is just about livery request :) not other features request…
thanks for sharing your thought though :)

That is what I was trying to ask this community, if there were any of their livery request has granted by the dev :) because personally in my 4-5 months involvement in this community, I haven’t seen many of the feature requests happened/implemented in IF.

feel free to correct me if I’m wrong :)

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Never… (cries an ocean…)

I definitely agree with you on that I have been here a year and not once have I seen a single request been implemented. I guess the feature request is just posted to see if other members agree with you :)

Nobody requested global flight or the DC10/MD11?

They look at the requests…look at what Tyler wrote here, as just one example:

I don’t want people to get discouraged from posting or the impression FDS doesn’t look at the community feature requests posted on IFC, that’s all.

If you look at my post from before I said that the devs will ask what aircraft we want in the next update. I really love what the devs madness infinite flight has done for us and I’m not discouraging them in any way :)

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Ok let’s count that as one, this is what I was asking in the first place, didn’t mean to discourage at all really… :)

If you know any other granted request from the past please feel free to put it here…

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I think we must not blame FDS they are working hard to get us happy! They make things What we dont or rearly have. So maybe you Guys like an livery or a plane but I think the A350 should look like an B787. So dont blame them they are yust working hard.

Tbh, I don’t see the point of making polls when there is already a voting feature. Kinda takes the point away from it.

You mean besides Global and the DC/MD planes, which took some considerable effort by a huge number of people?

Life is rough.

But, I suppose there is that one random livery from a small outfit with a fleet of 10 planes and 3 routes that looks really cool that didn’t get added, so it probably balances out.

FWIW, if there wasn’t a limit on votes, everyone would just vote for everything. A vote for everything provides as much information as no votes. There’s no triage.

The sense of entitlement I see here on a daily basis is truly astounding.

And, no, I will not walk that comment back or apologize.

In my opinion, they are considerate. Perhaps we must start asking ourselves questions like: ‘what does it take for a company to use another’s trademarked logo and names to create and grow a game, and make a living out of it’. I don’t think its that easy to just pick up any livery and use it for self interest. If only you would see others who have a Benta (instead of Delta) livery on their games.

Cmon guys. The voting system is in place to help show the developers what the community wants. Just as someone said before, there is no threshold of votes to pass to get anything added. The reason the CRJ is getting added is because that’s what the community voted for. There was a poll, with the CRJ, a350, and 2 other aircraft. Out of those, the CRJ won. Had that poll been held today, the results may be different. About livery requests, no feature requests go unnoticed. An example is the a350 thread. The developers and mods have definitely seen that feature request, and have responded accordingly. As for you @ekolaziale, my advice would be to ask yourself if you really want what you are voting for. If you do, then vote! You never know! If you don’t like it, no harm done, just ignore it.

Have a good day

Yes please

Didn’t have to refer to specific request like that, I was asking in general

Totally agree with you on this

Not quite understand why you have to apologize

Have thought about that and i think you should also consider that everyone plays IF must pay.

Not going to say self interest if we see the amount of request and how many votes in that request

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Thanks for the advise Matt, I have did :)

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You will understand the legalities behind patents and trademarks one day.

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Also the PIA DC-10 & PIA 777-200LR

This is true, for example, I don’t remember anyone going crazy about the Turkmenistan Airlines 777-200LR, but it was added nonetheless

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It was added because there aren’t many operators using the LR. We rather have around a dozen in the livery list then just a couple.

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