About Livery Request

Just wondering how many times in the past, FDS granted your livery request in this forum?
What liveries are they? I just started to fly IF and participating in IFC in about 4-5 months so I’m curious.

thank you for your responses guys…


If the requests in this are not closed because of a duplicate, it has been added from the forum:


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Hi Dush,
I meant how many times the requested liveries actually added to IF’s aircraft.

That should not happen. #features is excluded from that rule :)

From my knowledge the only ones that have been added for post release aircraft are KLM Orange Pride and British Airways 777-300ER. All other livery requests seem to do nothing, cough


that’s too bad…
so the votes given to a livery request is probably just a waste then?
I don’t know about other feature requests though, but at the moment I just felt that IF aircrafts lost a lot of liveries and I already voted a lot so I just wondering if the votes worthed or not…

Well to my attention from Chris S, the amount of votes don’t necessarily matter… Rather then the actual livery itself. There is no “specific amount of votes you need a feature request for the aircraft to be added into IF.” It’s the FDS opinion in the end about what liveries make it and what don’t In my opinion.


There’s gotta be another way to show devs our intention on how to get IF more interesting then…
the way that they will at least consider it… :)

The voting system isn’t so much what has the most votes will get added. It’s more to show the devs what we would like to see in IF.

Then they give us a poll to choose.

Certain topics have very specific reasons why they probably won’t be added in the near future cough a350, concorde cough


Well they should’ve know what we would desperately like to see but if turns out it doesn’t happened, many of us will have severe cough issue then hahaha

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I private messaged you

Again, the Voting system isn’t really used as much as it should be, it’s doesn’t really serve a purpose, it’s a bit like liking a post, although it may spark attention to FDS


I dont know what liveries have been added from a IFC feature request…

I would like to add to the discussion that it is totally plausible that a feature request garners 1 vote and ends up being implemented into IF.

The votes gauge interest of a smaller community of IF users, as not everyone who flies on the sim is on IFC (it took me months to join here for different reasons).

What is more important, I believe, are the more technical outside the box different types of requests and the content within those requests.

Anyone can google search XXX plane and find a livery that hasn’t been requested yet…then pull info from Wikipedia and add a stock image.

What makes a feature request stand out is if the requestor has a unique idea and has done some research as to whether the request can be implemented in the sim. Requestor should also include how a particular feature can be built into the sim (if applicable/possible), provide well thought out reasoning as to why FDS should invest time and money in the idea and how it would benefit its audience (existing and potential). The originator of the feature request should also be open and receptive to modifications/suggestions from the community which may slightly alter the original idea.

Back closer to topic…Personally, I feel like voting for a livery request is like voting 3rd party. FDS knows what it out there, I trust them to make the livery decisions. As a community we should focus on and put more effort into thinking about some more outside the box features…my two cents.



It pretty much depends on how popular the feature request is. If it barely has any votes then it probably won’t be seen as much or looked at by devs but if it has a lot of views and votes there is a slight chance that it can be implemented into the game because of how much the community want it. Usually one of the devs will have a poll with the most popular requests and we will be able to vote for what aircraft or livery we want to see in an upcoming update

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your thought really understandably make sense, but if you said

I believe many of the livery requests also had their points, and most of them are unique, which I believe also understandable to implement in this global flight age so people did not have limited options to fly across the globe.

anyway, my post here is just about livery request :) not other features request…
thanks for sharing your thought though :)

That is what I was trying to ask this community, if there were any of their livery request has granted by the dev :) because personally in my 4-5 months involvement in this community, I haven’t seen many of the feature requests happened/implemented in IF.

feel free to correct me if I’m wrong :)

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Never… (cries an ocean…)

I definitely agree with you on that I have been here a year and not once have I seen a single request been implemented. I guess the feature request is just posted to see if other members agree with you :)

Nobody requested global flight or the DC10/MD11?

They look at the requests…look at what Tyler wrote here, as just one example:

I don’t want people to get discouraged from posting or the impression FDS doesn’t look at the community feature requests posted on IFC, that’s all.

If you look at my post from before I said that the devs will ask what aircraft we want in the next update. I really love what the devs madness infinite flight has done for us and I’m not discouraging them in any way :)

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