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Hello there!

Today I am going to try my best to set some things straight about likes (on the IFC).

Number 1: What is the purpose of likes?
Likes can have multiple purposes. You can use a like to show your appreciation for someone’s work (e.g. good spotting pictures), or for a thorough, thoughtful post that helped you out, or maybe even for a funny comment you enjoy. Also, likes can be used to show a +1 on something.

Number 2: Don’t ask for likes
The title of this section is self-explanatory. You do not need to ask for likes. It really does not matter how many likes people give you. If you are a good member of the IFC, and you post things that are meaningful and helpful, you will get likes eventually, trust me. And even then, there is no real purpose in getting lots of likes anyway. They should not be viewed as a symbol of popularity and worth.

And finally, Number 3: You don’t have to like and reply
Personally, I find it unnecessary to like something, and additionally reply with a phrase along the lines of “Awesome picture!” or “Cool story man”. Both of those phrases, albeit nice, are not necessary, and by you liking the post/topic, the OP probably already noticed your appreciation. However, if you have something to say specifically, or something that you would like to add, then it is definitely appropriate to like and reply.

Thanks for reading!


Nice topic!

Jokes aside, this is something we really needed, perhaps even pinned, because of the unnecessary thread spamming in #screenshots-and-videos, where, at least I, expect critisicm and not enthusiasm, which is greatly appreciated, but again.

I hope that many people see this and get referred to here.

By the way, really nice formatting, good job!



Nice description! 😂

This topic is going to have a lot of trolls

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