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Hello to everyone. I made 6 successful landings in total. (Hard to believe but: D) ​​the number of descent in the picture seems to be 3. I have to make more landings to get to the upper levels. Why are not these numbers updated?

My Phone: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Android 7+
My Call Sign: Turkish 1

Hi, and welcome! You have only completed 3 landings. 25 are required to gain the next grade up (Grade 2). Once you complete 22 more landings, it will promote you.


It needs to be 6 in total.

The stats sometimes don’t update straight away, if you close and restart the app they should be there, the servers can sometimes take a while to update your stats.


Hey there - welcome!

The server takes a bit to update. Just give it time, the landings should update eventually. :)

Good luck on advancing to the next grade!


Oh now I see what you’re saying. Try waiting for a bit; it takes time to update.

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Thank you. See you at level 2! :)

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