ABOUT LAST NIGHT... On IF servers after the 20.1 Update

Here are Live Flight screenshot of each server last night (eastern time).
I counted over 2,000 pilots at some point and over 1,000 on each training and expert server.

That’s all thanks to the great IF Crew and specifically developers. So THANK YOU GUYS! :)


This belongs in IF Tracker Findings


Oops. Sorry about that. I don’t frequently post and was worries to maybe not load up the pics at the appropriate location. Thanks for the help though.

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No problem, you can flag this for closure. Glad to nudge you in the right direction!

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Will do. And will delete it if I can.
If you feel the screenshots are of any interest for viewers, feel free to post them in the appropriate section. I don’t really want to be the type of member that flows the community with stuff that may actually be useless to others. Thanks again :)

RIP’ Australia ATC

You don’t have to say that. You can just post the shots in the topic I linked. Now you know where to post them. You’re fine.

Sounds good. There was nothing disrespectful about anyone here. I just feel for the moderators that have to deal with such a huge amount of posts - some of which need to be flagged or deleted. So I simply wish to be respectful of their work and be sure of the relevance of anything I may post. But I will go ahead and share in the correct section then.

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