About infinite flight on pc

Hello friends! Could someone tell me if there is any way to play infinite flight on pc? But it should be smooth without delay. If someone could pass me a video of how it is done, I would be very grateful.

Hello! Unfortunately, there is no way to play IF on a PC. I don’t think emulators like NOX and BlueStacks work, and if they do, it wouldn’t be better than the experience on a mobile device. IF is solely a mobile simulator.

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Unfortunately it’s not made for pc. But you can screen-mirror your screen to your windows pc with a program.

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Infinite Flight is currently not supported on computers.

I used to play via an emulator on Bluestacks, but it stopped working after 19.4.

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on 19.3 it still works, I believe it will work again in 20.1, maybe @schyllberg tenha alguma noticia futuramente

Excuse me guys, I did not express myself well, I wanted to say if there is any way to show my screen on pc, without lag and delay, I have a p30 pro

There a tons of things on Google if you search for “ android to windows screen mirroring“. Hope that can help you a bit.

If you have a P30 Pro, this may be of some use to you:


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