About inactive player on guard of TS ATC frequencies for long times disrupting the game

Hello! I hope everyone is well and safe.

My organization is about to have an event on the TS server and we find there is an unknown controller inactive for 5 hours without doing his job appropriately - When I logged on right then, he was not replying to any messages. Is there any way to disconnect him by any chance, since he is obviously disrupting the game with intention? Thank you.

So he completely inactive without replying to anything?

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Random stuff such as Thank You and Good Day.

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And, for the most of time, he remains silent.

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Unfortunately it’s the Training server and the user is sadly not in the IFC. As he is saying something he won’t be disconnected automatically and from what I know there is nothing the ATC Team could/ should do here as it’s as mentioned above only the TS.

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Okay then, I believe the officials do need to put some limits and rules on this… since other players need to play as well. It’s totally unreasonable for a person to be logged in for 5 hours inactive…But thank you after all!


The TS in not controlled by the IFATC Team and so you can theoretically do everything you want (apart form Stunts and overspeeds) without getting a violation. Same here for the controller. He can do everything (only when he is really AFK he will be automatically disconnected).

Got it. Thank you for help!

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