About Images with Transparent Backgrounds

Hey Guys! I’ve been facing this issue for a while, but many images that I upload on the IFC that have transparent Backgrounds, end up having white backgrounds, any solution to this?


This is the inherent risk with images with a transparent background. It is not an IFC issue but more of an issue with the choice of graphics being used and the understanding of how it will be used across devices. I’ve made this error a number of times and had to edit the graphic to remove the transparent background or find one that already had it.

Transparent backgrounds were great until everyone jumped aboard the dark mode train for everything which really highlights the issue.


It seem a you are using .jpg image format for transparent backgrounds, I don’t believe that works. You must use an appropriate format such as .PNG or .GIF.

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The best workaround for this is to just upload the image directly from your computer, that is if you haven’t done so already.

The problem is that sometimes, discourse converts .png files into .jpg, and .jpg doesn’t support transparent backgrounds. It looks like it is converted if the image will be much smaller as .jpg, but it can be turned off according to this conversation on discourse’s, well, discourse


All of the images are png tho on my PC, and I uploaded those exact images.

My question is, is there a workaround?

I think it’s this

I checked it out, the person talks about changing the quality in “site settings” and I’m not sure where to find those settings on this forum.

That’s because you won’t find them. They are only available to the forum moderators (or even higher, idk)


Well, when I download them they come out as .jpg, so epithet the site is converting them or you upload them as .jpg. Here is a PNG image that I used as my PFP, I had no issues with it, try and see if it downloads as .PNG.


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Appears as a transparent PNG for me. Let’s see if one of my older liveries without background also appear as a transparent PNG

Edit: no

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