So previously an old member of this community sent an application for iFAET but she deleted her account, so I want to know if it’s possible to send another application. (Currently it’s saying that I already sent an application).

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Im confused, is it your old account that was deleted? Or are you asking for a friend?

Basically the account that was deleted was my friend account but we made this one via the same email address (that can explain why I can’t sent an application for this account).

Hi @Stork_Lkt,

To better understand the situation:

  1. When did your friend applied (can you ask them)?
  2. What was their username at the time they requested to delete their (IFC) account?

We don’t accept email applications. We need their IFC usernames to identify them clearly. If they sent an application already, they can’t create a new one. We don’t allow multiple applications, including ones done by the same person using different usernames.

Hey @brunocr98

I asked and she said that it was a while ago now no precise date on when was it.

The account username was SOLO-DISPLAY before getting deleted

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I just looked at our records, and your friend applied on 19 December 2023. Since she used that username already, she (like anybody else) cannot make a new application with that username. Her only way, maybe, would be returning to the IFC with another username. I’d recommend contacting a forum moderator about that, to be sure this isn’t against the TOS though.

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