About İFAET applications

Greetings all, there is no response for IFAET applications. I want to be a part of this team and help increase the number of 3D airports. Is there anyone who can give support on this issue?


You’ll recieve a message giving the offer to join the Infinite Flight Scenery Editing Discord Server when we are ready to take on a group of new members. We are regularly inviting in new members to join, without overworking our team. Your application has not been disregarded or forgotten. :)

More information on the Scenery Editing process can be found here:


Just for reference here;

40 people have been added in October so far.
So to people who are saying users aren’t being added, you’re wrong ;)


I wondered, not because they weren’t added, but because no feedback was made (I may not have seen it if it was done.) Thank you very much for your information. 🙏🏻

I can’t wait to enter the team when there is a gap

Once you are accepted, ensure you are active in the group & contributing, otherwise you’ll find yourself silently removed from IFAET, to my personal cost! 🥲

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