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I’m relatively new, I have an incident where I was ghosted for exceeding the speed limit ( for some reason my little brother unchecked my cruise speed)
How much does the ghosting last? I was degraded to Grade 1, I lost all my progress?

Sorry for my noob questions but I love this game and my I had a very good progress

Thanks in advance


Ghosting and Violations are two different elements. You can see in your grade table by pressing on your name in the corner and then the (I) icon next to the grade.

Ghosting is when an ATC controller reports you for not following instructions. There is also a scenario of 6 violations results in a system ghost.

Violations are system generated and are usually from overspeeding.

In both cases your grade will be impacted for a period of time, usually 7 days. Your grade table will show the time frame for each element.


Many thanks for you kind response.
In fact I have the 6 violations thing because my unintentional overspeeding
I have to wait then

Many thanks.

What @Chris_S mentioned is your answer
I’m just gonna say hide your device from your little bro next time lol

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I let unattended my phone in the desk on autopilot.
Thanks for your response


This was helpful. I wonder if one even can ask to be let back into the expert server if they have 1 violation too many and they’re locked out for a year or more?

Violations don’t cause a year suspension from expert, only ghosts.

IFATC don’t ghost easily, so if someone managed to get ghosted 5 times within a year, that indicates:

  1. Total disrespect to the purpose of the expert server.
  2. Lack of willingness to improve.
  3. Toxic attitude towards other players.

Hence - they should not be on expert.

So no, you can’t ask for reversal for the sole reason of getting 1 ghost too many.


Okay, I completely respect this system, but if your 5 ghosts over the year are accidental or something, how does that mean your toxic to other players? If you purposely go through aircraft, yeah I get that, but what if you accidentally spawn at the gate someone else is in?

You won’t get ghosted for spawning inside another plane (maybe in that 1% where your spawn is at the hold short line of the active runway right inside a queue of waiting aircraft and you don’t leave but request takeoff, but this scenario is highly unlikely). If you manage to get ghosted 5 times in a year without any ghost being reversed for ATC error you’re definitely doing something extremely wrong.


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