About ghosting IF

callsign (airline) 16
Got reported by (IFATC Flying High)

Yesterday I was on expert server at YMML no atc around 6 30pm mountain time there was like 10 planes waiting to takeoff then it was my turn there was a plane around 7nm away I said im going to takeoff I tookoff and the plane behind me was landing then got reported because I didnt say that I was takeing off I clearly remember that I press it I was confused what happen now im stuck on training server so can any staff member please can you investigate


Contact him via PM to resolve the issue.

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PM @anon66442947 as he ghosted you.


Also whether it’s Unicom or not, anytime that you make an ATC communication, you should hear it with audio, see it displayed above your screen, and be able to see the log communication within the ATC comm. Box. Anytime you have an incident like this you should be able to screenshot the ATC log box were your communications will be.

The OP is now on a PM with Tom, so i advice no more replies here, thanks.
The issue will be discussed over on the PM, no need for further help here.