About getting Grade 3

Any idea how to get to Grade 3 faster? Like pattern work and how do I do the pattern work?

This may be helpful:

The above method may be used to get a lot of landings in a short time, but keep in mind they aren’t the proper way to fly a pattern.

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Hey! Pattern work is a very common and useful method in this case. I’d suggest doing it. I linked a handy tutorial below on pattern work.

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Let me have a look

My landings are good I just need more flying time

I just need more fly time and points

To my knowledge, the XP you would receive after performing touch and go’s is significantly more than a normal flight.

To gain more flight time, you can simply fly more routes or explore different airports, try out different aircrafts and you’ll get there very soon!

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I will just fly 10 hours a day I think I would get there

I would recommend doing Overnighters when you’re asleep and doing patterns when you have have free time during the day. Btw what I do to get landings is hop on to the 30000ft runway at KEDW in an X-cub and do up and down on the runway leaving 30 secs in between each touchdown.

Will my battery get exploded when flying over night?

What device do you have? Normally I fly quite often and a minimize the screen brightness and everything goes perfect. If your device is capable of handling IF, it won’t.

Android phone

Can you please specify a bit more? What model is it? How old is is?

I bought that this year and it’s redmi K20 premium pro preety good phone tho

Yes it will handle it perfectly. I have a 6 year old mini 4 and have done a 19 hours overnighted with it so don’t worry!

The K20 pro should easily handle it, it’s SOC is really powerful too! Snapdragon 855 if I’m not mistaken!

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Wow good job lol that’s long trip

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Yeah but when I charge my phone while flying my battery is hot.

Me and @tunamkol did that flight together :) My A70 handles it well too :)

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I reccomend putting it on a cold surface when charging (glass, oil painted furniture etc)