About galaxy tab s3


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I would like to know about how the Samsung galaxy Tab s3 works in the IF, I’m kind of afraid of buying a tablet so I’m doing a lot of research, I can run IF with graphics at maximum with S3?


Both the tab S3 and S4 run IF just fine.You can PM either @Kirito_77 or @Starley for more info on the S3

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If you’re a bit nervous, try out the iPAD 2018. It’s about $300 and will make sure that IF runs smooth

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The Tab s3 should run infinite flight at low to medium settings.


You can also find more info here:

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It can also run IF on the “Best” settings according to the new graphic settings format

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I prefer android, I already have a lot of history in if with my account


Ok. In that case I can’t really talk about this because I’m solely an iOS user

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Like how I said Starley or Kirito should be able to provide more info

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I use a Galaxy Tab S3. It runs IF just fine at max settings. Large numbers of aircraft and/or high detail aircraft such as the reworked A-10 do cause a noticeable drop in frame rate. This is the primary reason I don’t fly the A-10.


Thanks for the comment, in this case I will not have problems with the A-10 since I do not like to simulate with military aircraft

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